Group tours and artist educator sessions at le château are available on booking with the public outreach office

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Unaccompanied tours: free
Tour with art educator: free


Vue de l’exposition, Le Paradoxe de l’Iceberg, visite de groupe, frac île-de-france, le château, 2018


> Exhibition visit


Free upon booking

Learn about and gain a better understanding of different forms of contemporary art for all audiences. For children each visit is an opportunity to examine what an exhibition (scenography, exhibition curatorship, etc.), a work and an artist are.


> L’ar(t)boratoire 


Free upon booking

In a second phase, experimentation enables a closer look at practices, techniques and materials mentioned during the visit.



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frac île-de-france, le château
Parc culturel de Rentilly – Michel Chartier
Domaine de Rentilly
1 rue de l’Etang
77600 Bussy-Saint-Martin /
Free entry
Wed. & Sat. 2.30pm- 5.30pm
Sun. 10.30am – 1pm, 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Booking: + 33 (0) 1 60 35 46 72 or by email: