Open to the diversity of contemporary artistic practices, the Frac Île-de-France collection is now looking to develop four areas of focus :

> Acquiring works from collaborative and socially committed practices: highly developed in France and abroad, these practices represent a challenge for a conception of the art work focused on a single author and a finished item, but are fundamental to contemporary artistic issues. 

> Acquire practicable works or works for use: protocols to be activated, furniture, coffee machines, video games, board games: contemporary practices are increasingly involving the public in their use or creation.  

> Develop the video collection: a new and rapidly evolving medium, whose adaptability is highly conducive to dissemination and whose address is particularly relevant for the Frac. 

> Develop the acquisition of emerging practices in the Île-de-France region, where there is an abundance of artistic talent, in order to support young creation. 


It is possible to propose a work for acquisition until 15 May 2024.

Unsolicited applications will be considered by the artistic committee members.

The application file in PDF format must contain the following elements:

– a CV ;

– a biography and/or a text presenting the artist’s practice;

– a selection of works (max. 5) with good-quality images, detailed labels and prices including VAT (transport included);

– a selection of press articles.


Please send your applications to the following address


The committee will meet in 2024 (dates to be confirmed).


The artistic committee is in charge of proposing works and also of studying unsolicited applications to enrich the collection. It meets once or twice a year to draw up a list of proposals, which is then submitted to the vote of the Frac’s Board of Directors for acquisition. 


The committee is currently made up of :

  • Jean de Loisy, art critic and curator
  • Gaël Charbau, independent curator and artistic director
  • Daisy Lambert, independent curator
  • Céline Poulin, director of Frac Ile-de-France
  • Marie Voignier, artist

A representative of the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs and a representative of the Île-de-France Regional Council attend meetings in an advisory capacity.