Le Plateau

Vue intérieure de Te Whare Rūnanga, Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Nouvelle-Zélande.

Aurélien Froment : Montage of attractions

Xavier Franceschi, curator of the exhibition


The frac île-de-france presents at le plateau Montage of attractions, the first solo exhibition by Aurélien
Froment in a public gallery in Paris.


At le plateau the artist will be installing a specific project revisiting the work of Friedrich Fröbel and
Ferdinand Cheval. Playing with a contextual shift and fragmentation, he proposes a reconstruction by
staging their works based among others on their photographic reproduction.


Fröbel Fröbeled  (1836-1852 : Educational Games of Friedrich Fröbel’s Kindergarten)
While reducing the toys of his era to elementary forms, Fröbel’s project was to enable children to engage
with the complexity of the world. This exhibition features for the first time the complete sequence of toys
conceived by this pioneer of modern education.


Tombeau idéal de Ferdinand Cheval 
(a Life size Exhibition)
Between 1879 and 1912, Ferdinand Cheval created a monumental work that stills elude interpretation. This
exhibition features a selection of figures and architectural details from the enigmatic oeuvre of Hauterives’ s most celebrated postman.



wednesday 03.12.14
Montage of attractions
Late opening and drinks
le plateau