Le Plateau

Gaël Bonnefon

Reopening of Gaël Bonnefon’s window display on 17.06.20!
“Gaël Bonnefon’s photography conveys a sense of brutality and decay at first sight, yet suggests a gaze that is constantly seeking new boundaries, fearing its own annihilation. Photography is like love: the same web of distance and desire, tension and ease, difference and repetition, roaming and rest, flight and pursuit (…)”

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David Douard
O’ Ti’ Lulaby

By accumulating found objects, assembling heterogeneous materials and collaging texts from various sources, David Douard’s works create shifts in meaning that generate poetry and fiction.

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Children Power
Over 18s* banned from the exhibition

To mark the opening of its new reserve collections in Romainville, between the end of 2020 and mid of 2021, the Frac Île-de-France proposes a three-part exhibition project based on the theme of childhood called Children Power. It will take place in three venues, Le Plateau in Paris, the Château de Rentilly and at Les Réserves in Romainville.

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