Le Plateau

Ndayé Kouagou
A Change of Perspective

Emblematic of the artists of his generation, Ndayé Kouagou does not establish a hierarchy between his different language-based practices. From the materiality of the painting, to videos evoking the world of influencers, to the intimate and ephemeral nature of performances and workshops, his work plays with the codes of personal development.

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Romain Best
Coulissements par frictions

Romain Best’s installation and sculpture work is rooted in a variety of materials. By learning the techniques involved in understanding the different states of matter, he initiates research that leads to new experimentation. In this virtuous circle of investigation, Romain Best becomes a blacksmith, an alchemist, a dowser and a researcher. Chance and serendipity are central to his practice, which reinvents itself as it experiments.

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