Le Plateau

Société Anonyme

Conception: Thomas Boutoux, Nataša Petrešin and François Piron

Part of the event Hospitalités in association with the Tram network.


With: 16Beaver / Un groupe comme les autres (New York), b_books (Berlin), Erick Beltrán (Mexico), Chto delat? / What is to be done? (Saint Petersbourg / Moscou), Curating the Library / Moritz Küng (Anvers), Nico Dockx & friends (Anvers), Tere Recarens (Barcelone / Berlin), tranzit.cz / Vítek Havránek (Prague), tv-tv (Copenhague), WHW / What, How & for Whom (Zagreb)


Invited by curators Thomas Boutoux, Nataša Petrešinand François Piron, different artists, art collectives and organisms based in Antwerp, Berlin, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Moscow, Prague, Saint Petersburg and Zagreb will be temporarily relocating to the Plateau to initiate a series of new projects, in collaboration with artists, researchers and intellectuals based in Paris.

The guest artists will be presenting, depending on their function at the Plateau, an ensemble of past projects via archives and installations. Progressively, they will showcase their research and work processes, notably throughout a comprehensive program of public events, including conferences, projections, happenings, performances, seminars, workshops, dinners, concerts, etc.

This experimental project will highlight an activity rarely presented during an exhibition: that of the preliminary research, ideas, and intense preparatory discussions that take place during the pre-production phase of an art show.


The exhibition’s scenography was conceived and realized by Modul-8 (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Belleville).