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Why Artivism

Action for the freedom of artistic expression and to support the International Institute of Artivism – Hannah Arendt project by Tania Bruguera
With the participation of Guillaume Désanges, Dora Garcia, Géraldine Gourbe, Thomas Hirschhorn, Valérie Jouve, Elisabeth Lebovici (to confirm)…

Why Artivism  is a transnational public marathon reading of The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt. It will take place simultaneously on September 26 in Belgrade’s CZDK, Lisboas’Ulisses, Londons’ Rivington place and Romes’ Maxxi.

The event will deal with the potentialities of Artivism today –  artistic research as an instrumental of social transformation –  and with the totalitarianism and the current, political situation in Europe, including issues as surveillance, individual and collective freedoms. The event is organized in support of the freedom of artistic expression around the world and in order to contribute to the dissemination of the  International Institute of Artivism – Hannah Arendt  project, by Tania Bruguera. The project of the Institute  aims at contributing to the understanding of the role and effectiveness that art has as an agent of social change.

Tania Bruguera, advisory board member of European Alternatives, has recently left Cuba after 8 months of domestic arrest. She was first arrested while staging a public space performance Tatlin’s Whisper and she was arrested again after she organized the 100 hours consecutive hours session opens of The Origins of Totalitarianism at her home in La Havana, inaugurating the newly funded  International Institute for Artivism “Hannah Arendt”.

Between 2 and 10 pm, some extracts from the book will be read, discussed, commented, reacted to by artists, performers, intellectuals and/or activists. The reading sessions will be open to the public. A call for participation will be launched soon.



Opening event Transeuropa Festival 2015
Proposed by European Alternatives

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