Clément Rodzielski, Untitled, 2013 © droits réservés, collection du fonds régional d'art contemporain île-de-france. Photo : Aurélien Mole


With the works of  Zbyněk BALADRAN, Denis CASTELLAS, Philippe DECRAUZAT, Simona DENICOLAI & Ivo PROVOOST, Florence DOLEAC, Kaye DONACHIE, Florian FAELBEL, Philippe FERNANDEZ, Michel FRANÇOIS, Pierre PAULIN, Clément RODZIELSKI, Daniel SCHLIER, herman de vries.


The result of an encounter of young adults from Vincennes with contemporary art, the exhibition 5/5 brings together major works from the collection of the frac île-de-france in the city’s youth centre Le Carré.

Initiated by the frac’s public outreach team, the exhibition relies on a direct experience of art to familiarise new audiences with contemporary creation.

For the fourth consecutive year, a group of young adults from 16 to 25 years has been invited to explore the various stages in the making of a contemporary art exhibition, from choosing and staging the works to devising a programme of events and advertising.

This new exhibition lets viewers discover and interpret emitted, received, hidden, coded, fragmented, distorted and censored messages.


Le Carré
1 rue de l’égalité
94300 Vincennes

Free admission

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 12am–8pm
Wednesday, 2-8pm
Saturday, 1-7pm

More information : 01 71 33 64 40