L’art dans tous ses états – chap.7

© Wilfrid Almendra
© Wilfrid Almendra


Opening on  thursday 17 november 2016, 7pm


The previous edition of “L’Art dans tous ses états ” was angled toward the concept of a monster gallery; it is worth remembering Orlan’s “African Self-Hybridisation” series in which the artist, Orlan, conducts an exercise in permanent refiguration.


With the works of :
Wilfrid ALMENDRA, John BALDESSARI, Michel BLAZY,  Delphine COINDET, Philippe DECRAUZAT, Johannes KAHRS, Angela DETANICO et Rafael LAIN, Evariste RICHER, Patrick TOSANI, Erwin WURM, Raphaël ZARKA


Recollection of this artistic project initiates the seventh chapter exploring the Frac Île-de-France collection in Limay: drawing attention to hybridisation to call forth all the nuances of transformation such as those found in works of art, especially from the 20th century onwards. Transformation evokes the transition from one form to another. Apart from hybridisation, it can be associated with metamorphosis that also presents the transition from one state to another. As a benchmark, it can be considered that in 1917 R. Mutt established transformation as an art strategy.

The works selected from the Frac collection resort to this transformation strategy more or less explicitly, as either the end or the means. Visitors are invited to question the act of creation demonstrated in the works, by querying the way of “becoming art” given what philosophers have since classical times called a poiesis of creation. Poiesis is an action that transforms and continues the world. From this point of view, the exhibition, composed of “fragmentary figures”, may become a collection of short stories conducive to philosophically inspired ambulation on the grounds that art, as production (techne), is poietic capacity for creation .


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