Le Château

le chateau, rentilly : WEFRAC 2017

The doors of the 23 FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Collection) are open to everyone on 4th and 5th November 2017 for the FRAC weekend.

The aim of this national event is to bring new audiences to all the FRAC and introduce them to contemporary works with the artists present.
During the FRAC weekend a specially created cultural programme will be accessible everywhere in France simultaneously. Many artists will be invited to promote today’s art through special opportunities for exchange. Guided visits will be on offer and teams will be available to provide a personal welcome at all times. This is a great opportunity to discover what goes on behind the scenes of the FRAC with particular emphasis on artistic creation. Accessible to all and designed for visitor participation, the FRAC weekend will be a unique experience for discovering the whole range of their activities: collecting; distributing; explaining; producing; conversing; innovating; sharing, etc.


At le château :

Saturday 4.11.17

3pm : kids workshop (from 6 yo) around the thematic of the double

4:30pm : presentation of the  Flash Collection trunk

Sunday 05.11.17

  from 11am onwards : The frac île-de-france, from castle to plateau …

Guided tour of the exhibition Hôtel du Pavot 2 with Xavier Franceschi at rentilly’s castle (food-truck or pic-nic in the park)

Then teatime at le plateau, and guided tour of the exhibition Boom boom, run run
with Pierre Paulin

A free shuttle is available to book for the trip, leaves Place du Châtelet (Paris) at 11am. Booking compulsory :  reservation@fraciledefrance.com