Les Réserves

Mathis Collins, ENSEMBLE CONTRE ORGUE DE BARBARIE (détail), 2023, courtesy de l’artiste et de la Galerie Crèvecoeur


For the Nuit Blanche, the artist Mathis Collins presents at the Réserves, ENSEMBLE CONTRE ORGUE DE BARBARIE (TOGETHER AGAINST BARBARIAN ORGAN), a performance featuring a barrel organ-automator, in an uninterrupted recital of music and poems composed and improvised by the artist and people met during participative workshops.

An iconic instrument of 19th century street music, the barrel organ, through its mechanical program, embodies the ideal of amateur musical practice. These mechanical instruments, which required no musical knowledge to play, were used by street musicians who massively disseminated the texts and popular laments printed by song merchants under the constant surveillance of the prefecture and its gendarmes, who would not cease to administer and censor public musical expression.

Mathis Collins has rehabilitated this popular practice by inviting the participants in his workshops (conducted in the neighbourhoods of the 19th and 93rd arrondissements of Paris) to co-compose a collective work that will resound on the evening of the Nuit Blanche!


Special Nuit Blanche workshop

Puppet theatre

Parent-child workshop, 6-10 years

Saturday 03.06.21, from 2pm30 to 4pm30

reservation: reserves@fraciledefrance.com

Inspired by street theatre and the tradition of the guignols, each child-parent duo makes a puppet in the other’s image.




Visions in flesh

from 7pm to midnight

A programme of artists’ films

proposed by the Frac Île-de-France and

the Fondation Fiminco

A film program uniting works by the artists in residence at Fondation Fiminco and from the collection of FRAC, revolving around the politics of bodies, curated by Anna Marckwald, curator in residence at the Fondation Fiminco.


The special Nuit Blanche programme is co-organised with the Fondation Fiminco, in conjunction with the Biennale Emergence.

With the support of the Métropole du Grand Paris as part of the programme designed with TRAM for Nuit Blanche 2023 and the support of the Fondation des artistes.



les réserves, romainville

43 rue de la Commune de Paris

93230 Romainville