Johannes Kahrs – Then, maybe, the explosion of a star

Monographic exhibition catalogue

Johannes Kahrs, Xavier Franceschi

Publication realized following the monographical exhibition of Johannes Kahrs entitled Then, maybe, the explosion of a star at frac île-de-france, le plateau (11 may – 24 july 2016)


Kahrs, who was born in 1965 in Bremen, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. Although his work spans a wide range of techniques, including drawing, video and sound installations, he is probably best know for his paintings. These distinctly realist works, which are generally based on photographs (sourced from mainstream media or his personal archive), carefully avoid narration; by isolating their subjects and eliminating all contextual details, Kahrs thwarts any attempt to identify their source. Freed from their original context, the images take on a universal quality whose evocative potential resonates deeply with spectators.


Edition: frac île-de-france, Paris, 2016
2 books – 256p., 16 x 25,2 cm :
– Book « Images » – 64 p. : ill. in col., cov. ill. in col., 18 x 25 cm
– Book « Entretien » – 56 p. : ill. in b&w, 18 x 25 cm
Text in french and english
Translation: Patrick Kremer

Graphic design: Émilie Rognant
Distributed by Les presses du réel, Paris

ISBN 978-2-918138-13-6


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