Érudition concrète 1 – La planète des signes

Group exhibition catalogue

Magali Arbogast, Marie Baloup, Gilles Baume, Stéphanie Coupé, Maëlle Dault, Guillaume Désanges, Anne-Claire Duprat, Xavier Franceschi, Séverine Giordani, Florence Le Bourg, Hélène Meisel

Journal-catalogue following the exhibition Planet of signs, at frac île-de-france, le plateau (10 September – 15 November 2009)


Within the framework of the invitation extended to Guillaume Désanges, guest curator from September 2009 and of the Concrete Erudition programme at Le Plateau, other means of publication were stopped and notably replaced by the publication of a free magazine, distributed to the public at Le Plateau. For each implementation of the four exhibitions, a new magazine was produced including a text on the intent by the curator, as well as notices for each of the works exhibited and thematic paths linked to the subject of the exhibition, produced by the members of the Frac team.

For this programme, titled Concrete Erudition, Guillaume Désanges has come up with a series of exhibitions, publications and other events raising the issue of erudition and specialised knowledge in relation to art. While it is clear that art can never be identified with the merely instructive or edifying, artists have often acted as “knowledge mediators” by creating personal cognitive systems functioning outside educational or academic norms.

Focusing on the use and persistent character of certain elementary forms in art, which act as fundamental signs and indices, Planet of Signs shows how these can be endlessly recharged and reinterpreted, changing in the process from vectors to subjects of study.


Edited by: frac île-de-france, Paris, 2009
Book – 20 p. (ill. b&w), 29,5 x 42cm, unbound
Graphic design: Laurent Stosskopf, Mélanie Guéret


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