Témoigner de la "jungle", 2006-2020 © Bruno Serralongue

Bruno Serralongue

Calais: Testimonies from the "Jungle" (2006 - 2020)

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Bruno Serralongue, Florian Ebner, Jacques Rancière

Calais: Testimonies from the “Jungle” (2006 – 2020) presents Bruno Serralongue’s complete series of photographs which document the living conditions of refugees in Northern France waiting to cross the English Channel. Since 2002 when the Red Cross camp was closed the refugees have drifted around the city of Calais and its surroundings, sleeping in makeshift shelters and surviving thanks to the support of charitable organizations. In 2004 the Touquet Agreement between France and England moved the English border to Calais and charged the French police with preventing refugee crossings to the United.

This book unites Serralongue’s photographs with texts by Jacques Rancière and Florian Ebner which situate them in the perspective of their aesthetic and political dimensions.

The title is taken from an exhibition at the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, organized by Florian Ebner in 2019 with the collaboration and participation of Bruno Serralongue.


Text : Florian Ebner, Jacques Rancière

French /English

224 pages

Graphism : Sylvia Ugga

Impression : Graphius, Belgique

Isbn : 978-1-912122-50-9


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