Érudition concrète 2 – Prisonniers du soleil

Group exhibition catalogue

Magali Arbogast, Marie Baloup, Maëlle Dault, Guillaume Désanges, Veerle Dobbeleir, Anne-Claire Duprat, Isabelle Fabre, Sibylle Friche, Amélie Gaucher, Florence Le Bourg, Hélène Meisel

Journal-catalogue following the exhibition Prisoners of the Sun,  at frac île-de-france, le plateau (11 March – 9 May 2010)


Prisoners of the Sun is the second show in the Concrete Erudition programme devised by Guillaume Désanges, an associate curator invited to come up with an exhibition series at Le Plateau. This cycle questions the links between art and knowledge, in its varying forms, based on certain contemporary activities. Carrying on from the exhibition The Planet of Signs (Le Plateau, autumn 2009), this time it is the architecture, and its utopian, sensual and political extensions, which is the exhibition’s thread.

Edited by: frac île-de-france,  Paris, 2010
Book – 20 p. (ill. b&w), 29,5 x 42cm, unbound
Graphic design: Laurent Stosskopf, Alexandre Chapus