Érudition concrète 3 – Les vigiles, les menteurs, les rêveurs

Group exhibition catalogue

Claire Alliot-Soto, Marie Baloup, Gilles Baume, Maëlle Dault, Guillaume Désanges, Isabelle Fabre, Xavier Franceschi, Stacy Hardy, Mathieu Loctin, Hélène Meisel, Aline Payet, Jacques Rancière, Floriane Rose

Journal-catalogue of the exhibittion Les vigiles, les menteurs, les rêveurs, at frac île-de-france, le plateau (16 September – 14 November 2010)

The Watchmen, the Liars, the Dreamers is the third part of the “Concrete Erudition” programme devised by curator Guillaume Désanges, who has been invited to come up with a cycle of exhibitions at Le Plateau. As part and parcel of the continuity created by The Planet of Signs and Prisoners of the Sun, this exhibition in its turn questions the way in which certain contemporary artists are renewing the relationship between art and knowledge, by showing, this time around, the work of artists who are observers—watchmen of the present and of the past. Even if their activities are, on the face of it, very diversified, they all appear to derive from a documentary principle, in the broad sense of the term.

Notices: Gilles Baume, Pauline Lacaze, Guillaume Désanges
Edited by: frac île-de-france, Paris, 2010
Book – 81 p. (ill. b&w), 14,7x
20,7 cm
Graphic design: Laure Giletti