Couverture : Romain Bernini, Sans titre, 2016, collection du frac île-de-france © Romain Bernini / Adagp, Paris, 2017

Julien Perez – Un album de collection

Artist project

Julien Perez

Vinyl record conceived by using artworks from the collection of the frac île-de-france  (2015-2017)


Since 2015, the musician Julien Perez, aka PEREZ, has initiated a project to produce a pop album involving 11 works chosen from the frac île-de-france collection.

The obviously impossible task of translating a work of art into a song unequivocally leads to the implementation of strategies aiming to find connections and to fabricate equivalences.
To complement the album, this research-like composition work has been turned into a film toying with a musical style of documentary, rumoured to reveal the mysterious mechanisms of inspiration. Within this particular framework, the musician’s creative act cannot be achieved from scratch, as it is the continuation of a work preceding it. In addition, the dramatic devices unique to musical documentaries are subject to a slight shift. The traditional crisis regarding inspiration changes here into a crisis of interpretation with the composer attempting to grasp subjects that are difficult to fit into a song.


Record tracks:


1. Le Sphinx est-il une annexe du monument ou le monument une annexe du Sphinx ?
(Lili Reynaud Dewar, 2008)

2. Journal du voleur, Jean Genet
(Camille Henrot, série Est-il possible d’être révolutionnaire et d’aimer les fleurs ?, 2012)

3. Remise en forme (Dana Reiz)
(Eléonore False, 2014)

4. John Frum
(Romain Bernini, 2013)

5. Une raison de ne pas écrire sa vie
(Benoît Maire, 2010)

6. Skull Table
(Saâdane Afif, 2001)

7. Le Lâcher d’escargots
(Michel Blazy, 2009)

8. Just Because #10
(Emilie Pitoiset, 2010)

9. Sans-souci
(Isabelle Cornaro, 2005)

10. L’Horloge
(Étienne Chambaud, 2005-2007)

11. Y’a plus d’os
(Jean-Charles Hue, 2006)


This project has been produced with the support of the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Île de France –aide individuelle à la création 2015.


Vinyl edition: frac île-de-france, Paris, 2017
Tracks written and composed by Julien Perez
Recording and mixing by Julien Perez
Graphic design: Marie Proyart for Catalogue Général
Black vinyl record – 11 tracks