Julien Prévieux – Datumo !

Artist project

Julien Prévieux, Gilles Baume

Publication that documents the project Datumo !, which took place as part of the programme of public event of the frac île-de-france in 2013


Through his research into statactivism, the artist questions the predominant role of quantified data in daily life, with the aim of undermining their original function and finding new usages for them.

After the end of the exhibition, the drawings – which reproduced the gazes of the participants watching the artworks – were executed in wool thread and exhibited in the galleries in lieu of the works they documented.


Edition: frac île-de-france, Paris, 2015
Book – 24p. (ill. b&w), 29,7×42 cm
Bilingual edition french – english
Project, edition coordination and texts writing:
Gilles Baume
Graphic design: Loran Stosskopf (Mucho), assisted by Camille Bardes
ISBN : 978-2-918138-11-2


Discover the window display Datumo !