Loris Greaud – Endextend

Monographic exhibition catalogue

Jean Anouilh, Thomas Boutoux, Pierre Denan, L. G., Didier Ghislain, Julie Greer, Karl Holmqvist, Fabrice Hyber, Philippe Langlois & Frank Smith, Tom McCarthy, Bernard Macardé, Megumi Matsubara & Hiroi Ariyama, Olivier Michelon, Allison G. Moore, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Daniel Perrier, Pascal Rousseau, Igor Spanjol, Catherine Strasser, Mario Garcia Torres, Mark Aerial Waller, Anton Zeilinger

Monographic catalogue released by Daniel Perrier and Loris Gréaud, following the exhibition Silence Goes More Quickly When Played Backwards, at frac île-de-france, le plateau (10 mars – 22 mai 2005)


The exhibition is centered around the theme of “rumors”, and will include the following: the real life experience of a haunted house, a film filled with the ghostlike sounds of previous visitors, a galaxy made up of our industrial system, an odor-based map of the planet Mars, an invisible architecture, radio signals that evoke teleportation, and electric tensions that communicate with passing visitors.  In the end, the whole of the gallery space will be transformed into one giant storybook.

Co-edited by: frac île-de-france / le plateau, Paris ; École municipale des Beaux-Arts, Galerie Édouard Manet, Gennevilliers ; gbagency, Paris ; artplatform, Paris, 2005
Book – 191p.,  ill. colors and b&w, inverted  paging, 24 cm
Texts in french & english
Translation: Simon Pleasance
ISBN 2-910385-44-2

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