Michel Blazy

Monographic catalogue

Xavier Franceschi, Valérie Da Costa, Olivier Michelon, Ralph Rugoff

Publication released following the exhibition Le Grand Restaurant,  frac île-de-france, le plateau (September 20 –  November 18, 2012)


For more than twenty years, the artist Michel Blazy (born in 1966 in Monaco), and represented in France by the art : concept gallery in Paris, has been developing an atypical oeuvre based on the living and the ephemeral. The frac île-de-france is coordinating the artist’s monographic and retrospective publication which will be published by Manuella Editions.

The graphic design of the book, in the hands of the Swiss and German graphic designers Baldinger & Vu-hu, is organized chronologically (1990-2014) around illustrative sequences made with the artist, encompassing a corpus of some 500 images associating different series of works.

This Japanese-bound publication will describe the essential nature of Michel Blazy’s work in the history of present-day art, as well as the scope of his oeuvre, and will help us to comprehensively discover the artist’s sculptures, installations, paintings and drawings.

This bilingual edition of some 700 pages will appear ten years after the artist’s last monographic publication, and will be organized around several texts: an interview with the artist by Xavier Franceschi (director of the frac île-de-france) and critical essays written by Valérie Da Costa ( art critic and historian, lecturer entitled to supervise contemporary art historical research at Strasbourg University, erstwhile head of visual arts for the magazine Mouvement), Olivier Michelon (art critic and historian, heritage curator and director of Les Abattoirs in Toulouse– FRAC Midi-Pyrénées) and Ralph Rugoff (curator and director of the Hayward Gallery in London.)


Edition : frac île-de-france, Paris, 2015
Cover doubled by a screenprinted dust jacket

Book – 352p. (702 with japanese-binding)
Texts in french and english
Translation : William Bishop et Patrick Kremer

Graphic design : baldinger•vu-huu
Diffused by Manuella Editions
With the support of : galerie Art : Concept ; Carré, Scène nationale – Centre d’art contemporain du Pays de Château-Gontier ;  Centre national des arts plastiques ; Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire ;  École des Beaux-arts de Montpellier ; Fonds de dotation agnès b. ;  Frac Basse-Normandie ; Frac Midi-Pyrénées – Les Abattoirs ; Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur ; Groupe Galeries Lafayette ; Nouveau Musée National de Monaco ; SO.GE.DA ; Rurart


Découvrir l’exposition Le Grand Restaurant