Ryan Gander – Culturefield

Monographic exhibition catalogue

Jonathan P. Watts, Nigel prince, Maria Balshaw, Xavier Franceschi, Aileen Burns, Johan Lundh, Rebecca May Marston (& co)

Catalogue of Ryan Gander’s exhibition Make every show like it’s your last, at frac île-de-france, le plateau (2013) ; Manchester Art Gallery (2014) ; CCA Derry-Londonderry (2014) ; OK Offenes Kulturhaus / Center for Contemporary Art (2015) ; Aspen Art Museum (2015) ; Contemporary Art Gallery (2015) ; Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (2016)


Making the most of an extremely effusive imagination, Ryan Gander does his utmost to offer us works—using any type of different media—which tend to re-visit the conceptual art arena, not without wit.

In this context, the basic author/work/viewer triptych does indeed represent the point of departure of works aiming precisely, in this reflexive manner, at experiencing all its motives.

With Ryan Gander, the work usually appears like a form of enigma to be solved. However, far from a simple solution to be found, it is indeed the status of the work, its role, which it is a matter of revisiting: as it happens, the real “exhibits” proposed to us by the artist are to be seen as such, but also as the vehicles of a narrative, as the agents—confused and active at once—of a way of thinking that is deliberately on the move.

Édition :  Walter König, Londres, 2014
Livre – 560p., 25,5×36,5 cm, 3630 g
Coordination éditoriale : Phil Mayer, Holly Featherstone et
Theresa Lima
Conception graphique : John Morgan Studio
ISBN : 978-3-86335-570-8


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