Valérie Mréjen, Image en quête d'histoires, 2017 © Valérie Mréjen / Adagp

Valérie Mréjen – Images en quête d’histoires

Artist project

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Valérie Mréjen

Publication documenting a group workshop held by the artist Valérie Mréjen at l’antenne culturelle of the frac île-de-france (October – November 2016)


This publication documents a collective workshop held by the artist Valérie Mréjen in October – November 2016, invited by the frac île-de-france as part of its programme le collectif*.

Some adverts allowed the artist to gather a group, whose participants were required to bring a family picture. The workshop sessions aimed at elaborating stories from those images, in order to collectively write a fiction. The  movie Quatre enfants produced following the workshop is available by clicking here.

* The frac Île-de-France regularly gives carte blanche to an artist to elaborate an open and collaborative project, as part of the programme of its antenne culturelle.

With the images
 and participation of: Théodora Barat, Emma Bourgin, Estelle Dupuy, François Forge, Christophe Huthwohl, Marie Naudin, Lucie Plançon, Céline Vacher, Charles Villa.


Edited by: frac île-de-france, Paris, 2017
Coordination: Gilles Baume
Editorial and graphic design: Villa Böhnke
Distributed by Les presses du réel, Paris
37 postcards (ill. b&w) in a woodboard box (10,5 x 15 x 2 cm)
ISBN: 978-2-918138-14-3