The Wednesday Workshops

Vue de l’atelier avec Merhyl Levisse, frac île-de-france, l’antenne culturelle, 2017. © Photo : Martin Argyroglo


An art workshop where kids can hone their visual and practical skills through work with sound and moving and still images. Play-based sessions teach participants new skills while getting them acquainted with works on show at le plateau.


Silence, ça tourne !
6-12 years, from 2.30pm to 4pm
Cycle of 5 sessions
from 16.01 to 13.02.19

In response to La rivière m’a dit exhibition, the children question themselves about what is a documentary , and after create a collective film, from pictures, videos and audio recordings.


La grande expédition

6-12 years, from 2.30pm to 4pm
Cycle of 5 sessions
from 20.03 to 17.04.19

The children conduct an ethnological survey of the district. Around a paper chase on the territory, they observe, collect objects ans keep a journal of their research from the collected elements.


Free workshops and courses
Advance booking required
01 76 21 13 45

L’antenne culturelle (50 m from the plateau)
22 cours du 7ème art
75019 Paris, France 


 Practical Art Courses


Vue du stage enfants avec Flora Moscovici, frac île-de-france, l’antenne culturelle, juillet 2018. Photo © Martin Argyroglo


These 2-day courses take place during the school holidays and have been conceived in line with our exhibitions and collection. Based on the work of an artist or a theme, each course offers a privileged moment of encounters, exchanges and practice, providing a lively approach to contemporary art.


Théodora Barat

25 – 26.02.19, 6 -8 years
04 – 05.03.19, 8-10 years

Inspired by the Science-Fiction cinema, Théodora Barat offers children the opportunity to create futuristic compositions with a staging photography.


Anthony Bodin

23 – 24.04.19, 6 -8 years
25 – 26.04.19, 8-10 years

Round square triangle, point line plane, geometric shapes will live, dance, sing and take colors.


Free courses / 10:00 – 12:00 am & 2:00 – 4:30 pm
Advance booking required

01 76 21 13 45


At l’antenne culturelle (50 m form the plateau)
22 cours du 7ème art
75019 Paris



Creative Visit Saturdays




Bestiaire extraordinaire 

From representations of animals made from different mediums – painting, drawing, sculpture, masks – and from different cultures of the world, each child will choose a process to illustrate his animal totem.


Tableaux vivants !

Like some works in the exhibition, the children play again a famous painting from the history of art in front of the camera. Between staging, frozen pause and movements, a new temporality and a new meaning emerges.


Fresque tropicale 

Between imaginary journey and strict observation of nature, children will be invited to create a collective fresco that updates the codes of representation of the Jungle.


Les images nous parlent

Becomes an apprentice director: from the same sequence of images, the children will invent their documentary narration by realizing the voice-over and the sound effects that will accompany the sequence.



Free of charge. No enrolment necessary / 2:30 – 3:30 pm
Be at the reception desk five minutes before the visit starts.


At le plateau
22, rue des Alouettes
75019 Paris




The Little Exhibition Journal



Offered to children, this journal allows them to make, in the form of questions/answers, an active trail within the exhibition. By drawing the attention of the 6/12 years old on specific characteristics of the works, we facilitate, in a playful way, their approach to contemporary art.