Les Réserves

Michel Blazy, Skippy, 2005, collection frac île-de-france © Michel Blazy / Adagp, Paris / 2023

Sors de ta réserve #5

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Opening Sunday 16th April, 2 to 7 pm

Works from the collection chosen with the students of Lycée Liberté from Romainville.

With works by : Dove Allouche, Michel Blazy, Mimosa Echard, Francesco Gennari, Candida Höfer, Anna Holveck, Jochen Lempert, Jean-Luc Moulène, Jürgen Nefzger, ORLAN, Margaret Salmon, Oscar Santillan, Nathalie Talec, Xavier Veilhan, Raphaël Zarka.



les réserves, romainville

43 rue de la Commune de Paris

93230 Romainville




Special opening on on sundays

16.04, 14.05, 28.05 and 16.07, 2 to 7pm

Free entry, without reservation


Explore la collection ! / Explore the collection!

Saturdays, 4 to 5pm

Discover the current exhibition and go behind the scenes of the Reserves! Materials, tools and documents are examined to better understand the conservation issues of the collection.

Free entry, without reservation



Workshop with artist Léo Coquet

Sunday 28.05, 2 to 6 pm (open continuously)

All public

Workshop to create posters made up of reproductions of works from the Frac collection. The content of the posters will be arranged according to a random and combinatory principle derived from the rules of the Lotto Bingo game. Printed on Riso in one to five colours maximum, the posters will be distributed to the participants of the workshop.


Nuit blanche

03.06, 2 to 9pm

More information soon…