Florence Paradeis, Chronique, 2003, Collection frac ile-de-france

Focus : School-related programming

 Face à Face


Free opening on Friday 11 March from, 5pm
Lycée Jean Vilar, Meaux.

With the works:

Erica Baum, Anne Brégeaut, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Isabelle Cornaro, Philippe Decrauzat, Michel François, Camille Henrot, Pierre Huyghe, Joachim Koester, Frédéric Lefever, Florence Paradeis, Jacques Vieille, Beat Zoderer


In 2010, the frac île-de-france started a partnership with the high school Jean Vilar, in Meaux.

This school venue, has a gallery, which allows pupils who follows the education program “heritage” to select works in the frac île-de-france’s selection, propose as part of the program Jeux de language (Word Plays), conceived by the education departement of frac île-de-france.

They can curate the exhibition and device its communication in relation to other pupils of the high school.


Lycée Jean Vilar
83 avenue du Président Salvadore Allende
77100 Meaux