Heidi Wood, Serving Suggestion 2001 "You Win Some. You Loose Some", 2001 © Heidi Wood, Collection frac île-de-france

Focus : School program

12.03 – 12.04.2016


Free opening on Friday 11 March from 6:15pm
Lycée Jean Vilar, Meaux.


With the works of Leonor Autunes, Angela Detanico, Rafael Lain, Florian Faelbel, Michel François, Raymond Hains, François Morellet, Jean-Luc Moulène, Bruno Munari, Pierre Paulin, Clément Rodzielski, Heidi Wood


In 2010, the frac île-de-france started a partnership with the high school Jean Vilar, in Meaux. This school venue, has a gallery, which allows pupils who follows the education program “heritage” to select works in the frac île-de-france’s selection, propose as part of the program Jeux de language (Word Plays), conceived by the education departement of frac île-de-france. They can curate the exhibition and device its communication in relation to other pupils of the high school. Impressions introduces works which take on multiple printed forms – magazine, posters, screen printing and book presentation devices.


Lycée Jean Vilar
83 avenue du Président Salvadore Allende
77100 Meaux