Romain Bernini, John Frum, 2013, collection du frac île-de-france, Paris © Romain Bernini, courtesy Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève, Paris

John Frum

With the works of  Romain BERNINI, Dara BIRNBAUM, Michel BLAZY, Guillaume DÉGÉ, Florence DOLÉAC, Richard FAUGUET, Michel FRANÇOIS, Vincent GANIVET, Raymond HAINS, Joan JONAS, Véronique JOUMARD, Jan KOPP, Bruno MUNARI, Pierre PAULIN, Aurélie SALAVERT, Dana WYSE


The Centre d’hébergement et espace culturel Louvel Tessier – EMMAÜS Solidarité, a true forum for citizens in the 10th district, promotes social diversity within the centre and nurtures opportunities for sharing, contact and expression between residents and non-residents. Consequently, thanks to the range of partnerships with cultural institutions and associations in the 10th district, the centre pursues this spirit by promoting the integration and participation of residents in neighbourhood life. This supports the wish to make the Emmaüs Louvel-Tessier Centre a place to live, as well as a public space for citizens.
The John Frum exhibition project is part of the Centre’s broadening of cultural horizons and frac île-de-france’s mission to raise public awareness of contemporary art.

A group of people being housed at the Centre was set up in order to plan an exhibition, John Frum, from a selection of works featuring in the thematic programme “Jeux de Langage”, initiated by the frac île-de-france public service department.

The John Frum exhibition will be presented in different areas at the Centre d’hébergement et espace culturel Louvel Tessier – EMMAÜS Solidarité from 16th June to 19th July 2016.


Visit with Romain Bernini :  22.07.16 – 6 pm
Visit of the exhibition: 07.07.16 – 5 pm
Official inauguration: 08.07.16 – 6 pm


EMMAÜS Solidarité – Centre d’hébergement et espace culturel Louvel Tessier 01 76 21 13 45
 36 ter rue Jacques Louvel Tessier, 75010 Paris
Oppening from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2:30pm to 7pm. Late Night Opening : each Thursday, until 9 pm