Camille Henrot, "L'heure de s'enivrer - L'univers a-t-il un sens ?" Hubert Reeves de la série Est-il possible d'être révolutionnaire et d'aimer les fleurs?, 2012, collection frac île-de-france © Camille Henrot / Adagp, Paris

Joseph Dadoune – Sillons

With a selection of works chosen by the artist in the frac île-de-france collection : Geneviève Asse, Camille Henrot, Eugène Leroy, Aurélie Nemours, Jean-Michel Othonielet, et Jean-Michel Sanejouand

Curator : Isabelle Bourgeois

Scenography : Doron von Beider


Opening event on Thursday 5 October, at 7pm


As part of the Night of Creation, an urban journey into contemporary art that will take place on October 7, 2017, the city of Versailles honours the work of contemporary artist Joseph Dadoune, currently in residence on the territory of Versailles Grand Parc.
As a guest artist of this 6th edition, he presents a selection of recent works at Espace Richaud. Next to the monumental Black Kiosk are three series of works, Tars, Impossible Calendars, and Flowers / After Wars, offering a complete panorama of artistic practice and questions of the artist.
The latter also wanted to put his work in resonance with works of Geneviève Asse, Camille Henrot, Eugène Leroy, Aurélie Nemours, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Jean-Michel Sanejouand, all chosen in the collections of the frac île-de-france.


Joseph Dadoune will be the first contemporary artist to exhibit at Espace Richaud, Versailles, former royal hospital.



Espace Richaud
78 boulevard de la Reine
78000 Versailles

Entrée libre du mercredi au dimanche de 12h à 19h