Graham Gussin, Spill, 2006, Collection frac île-de-France © Graham Gussin

L’art dans tous ses états, chapitre 9

Les Réservoirs – Limay

Works from the frac île-de-france’s collection, chapter 9.
An exhibition created by Richard Penloup with the works of : Roxane Borujerdi, Elise Florenty, Lola Gonzalez, Graham Gussin, Dennis Oppenheim, Pierre Paulin, Zhou Tao.

Frequenting works of art can be inspirational, among other things for this ability to educate us about our presence in the world. This is the starting point of the exhibition to examine, without any form of pathos, from a given object – the frac île-de-France collection – the presence of nature in contemporary works exclusively related to the practice of film. A common definition of this nature applies, in other words, the biophysical environment, habitat, natural, preserved and deteriorating environments, but with each work remaining autonomous: Zhou Tao explores a boundary between reality and fiction.

The work of Pierre Paulin addresses new technologies and the altering perceptions of our environment that ensue. Graham Gussin examines the space between what we perceive as being reality and what we use to substitute it. Lola Gonzàlez explores the notions of group and individuality. Roxane Borujerdi investigates the presence of elemental shapes in different environments. This inventory opens up other perspectives: it highlights a shared desire to identify reality. It also reiterates a definition of the relationships between nature and culture addressed by Dennis Oppenheim in the 70s. This proposal however provides an opportunity to initiate dialogue with visitors to Les Réservoirs, to explore the relationships that man can foster with nature. The history of art reminds us that approaches to nature are wide-ranging depending on the epoch raising questions linked to the imitation and invention of landscapes, ending up with this 20th century paradigm where nature was no longer the model, but became a medium or material for the work of art.


Les Réservoirs
2r. des réservoirs, 78520 Limay
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