Laurie Charles, détail de La visite de la chambre, 1/8 de la série d'aquarelles, aquarelle sur papier, format raisin, 2024 © Laurie Charles

Le vacarme du cœur
Laurie Charles
Domaine de Chamarande (91)

Opening: 25 May 2024

Curators: Rémi Enguehard and Céline Poulin

Laurie Charles (b. 1987, Brussels, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels.

The organic system and bodily flows inhabit the creations of Laurie Charles, who explores the female experience of the body and its history. In touch with the medical world on the one hand and the unpredictable inner fire of illness on the other, her work conjures up a pop and sometimes psychedelic universe that celebrates both the joyful company of the body and the mischief of the heart at the controls of this mysterious biological system. By inverting scales, splintering, creating abysses, echoes and spatial immersion between different intimate and domestic spaces, the artist dynamites anatomical charts and the Cartesian unity of the organism. Her works play on medical aesthetics and also call on science fiction, to tell us a vibrant story of life and metamorphosis, of resistance and possible revolutions.






38 rue du Commandant Arnoux
91730 Chamarande

In May, June and September : Wed.–Fri., 2 to 6 pm / Sat. –Sun., 1 to 6 pm

In July and August : Wed.–Fri., 2 to 7 pm / Sat. –Sun., 1 to 7 pm