Zhou Tao, Collector , 2012, vidéo couleur, durée: 23'39’’. Collection du Fonds régional d’art contemporain Île-de-France, © Zhou Tao.

Nuit Blanche –
Collector de Zhou Tao

Théâtre Paris-Villette

Nuit Blanche 

6 – 7 October
During the night, from 7pm to 7am

Of  Zhou Tao

On a proposal from the frac île-de-france

Video artist Zhou tao explores complexity of narrative basis, by playing on reality and its représentions.

Acquired by the frac île-de-france, the video Collector presents casual moments that document life moments.
From this fragment’s juxtaposition, captured from life, appears performed scenes, often out of place.
Fiction gets invited into the reality and gives to the story a non-linear fable looks.
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Théâtre Paris-Villette
Parc de la Villette
211 avenue Jean Jaurès
75019 Paris