Cocktail Designers (Olivier Vadrot), Le Kiosque électronique, 2004, collection du frac île-de-france © droits réservés. Photo Martin Argyroglo


Poltergeist is a visual art programme devised by Alain Berland and Philippe Quesne for the Theâtre des Amandiers, in Nanterre, in partnership with frac ile-de-france for the 2014-2015 season. Two works from the frac collection, Le Kiosque électronique and Musique pour un cheval centenaire are currently being shown in the theatre’s foyer.
Poltergeist “Noisy Spirits” takes us to the heart of the social imagination and disturbs the usual course of things by its inexplicable physical manifestations.

Throughout the season, works will haunt the many different venues of Nanterre-Amandiers, pursuing the fertile encounters between the living arts and the visual arts.

Cocktail Designers (Olivier Vadrot)

Le Kiosque électronique (2004), collection of the FRAC Ile-de-france.

As a contemporary and nomadic version of the bandstand, this glass box has been designed by Olivier Vadrot & Cocktail Designers as a travelling platform for live concerts. Sound is only heard through headphones connected to the bandstand. Over the coming months, it will be activated by authors and musicians.

Every installation of the Kiosque électronique creates a new situation, an encounter between musicians, performers and a specific context which gives the public a synaesthetic experience, by turns poetic, funny and absurd. Le kiosque électronique is also a visual experience: at once, the show of musicians whose music is not heard, even though it is being played live, but also of the audience who becomes part of the show. This parallelepiped of glass and metal – which calls minimal sculpture to mind – offers the eyes of viewers and the ears of the audience novel and exciting visual and acoustic experiences.


For 2015, frac île-de-france has invited three artists from its collection to perform in Le Kiosque électronique, starting with Elodie Lesourd.


Elodie Lesourd
Triade Noire

Concert-performance for two guitars
in Le Kiosque électronique
Saturday 17 January – 8pm
Sunday 18 January – 3pm

As an extension of her visual works – especially her “hyperrockalist” paintings, which remake installations made by other rock-conscious artists – Elodie Lesourd will present Triade Noire, a set of music-performances based on the characteristics of Le Kiosque électronique. Triade Noire deconstructs the codes of the heavy metal music genre, reposing as much on the occult as on synesthetic effects. Ultimately, it offers a possible response to Philippe Quesne’s theatre.


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Olivier Vadrot invit the duet Links
(Laurent Durupt)
Studi Sulla Notte
Sunday 8 Febrary – 2:45pm

Links is presenting the piece Studi sulla note, produced at the Villa Médicis, a composition for keyboard and percussion, in a set made up of loudspeakers. These loudspeakers do not broadcast music but vibrate at sub-audible frequencies, making objects (paper, loose sugar, etc…) which complement the music being played rebound. So the two complementary musical layers (loudspeakers and instrumental playing) are dissociated when the headphones are not worn…


Pierre Paulin and  Alexis Guillier
Inner Groove – But every time I try, every time I try
Something comes and pulls me back to the start
Saturday 14 February – 7:30pm
Sunday 15 February – 2:30pm

Pierre Paulin and Alexis Guillier will be proposing a live performance of their mixtape Inner Grooves. This project is a compilation of sound loops, some created by industries for deceptive, compensatory and limited purposes, others more versatile, where the authors get around the production restrictions, or multiply their effects.


Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers
7 avenue Pablo Picasso
92000 Nanterre