Les Réserves

Melanie Bonajo, Extrait de Night Soil Nocturnal-Gardening 2016, Courtesy de l'artiste

Réserves 2026

Performance by the students of the Mediation, Exhibition, Criticism Master’s degree from the University of Paris 8, coordinated by Nathalie Desmet, accompanied by the writer Florence Jou.

Sunday 5 June at 4pm – open to the public from 2pm to 6pm

In anticipation of the opening of the Reserves to the public, students will present their visions of the site, the conservation and the collection in the form of a performance.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

“December 2021. The workshops begin with the students in the Frac’s new location, Les Réserves in Romainville. The site is empty, under construction, and the works have not yet reached their conservation spaces. I suggest that the students work in groups. Space designers, narrators and curators.
Each group investigates the place, starts to write fictions that aim to project us into a future horizon. The space designers invented an underground extension to the Frac to preserve life, the narrators wrote a common poetic charter and the curators conceived an exhibition on questions of ecology and feminism based on works from the collection.”

Florence Jou