Word won’t wait

© Joseph Grigely, Songs without words (Andrea Bocelli), 2012
© Joseph Grigely, Songs without words (Andrea Bocelli), 2012


Opening on tuesday 29 november, at 6pm


With the works of:
Jean-Michel Alberola, John Baldessari, Michel Blazy, Julien Carreyn, Guillaume Dégé, Florian Faelbel, Michel François, Joseph Grigley, Pierre Huyghe, Frédéric Lefever, Clément Rodzielski, Shimabuku, Zin Taylor


Les Arcades in Issy-les-Moulineaux aims to provide children from 6 years onwards with a hands-on experience of art through specially designed workshops. Since 2005 it has also been offering preparatory classes for the exams to graduate art schools.

In 2015/16, a study group comprising adults, high-school students with an interest in art, and students from the preparatory class conceived an exhibition project in collaboration with the frac île-de-france. Assisted by the frac’s public outreach team, they explored the various stages in the making of a contemporary art exhibition, from choosing and staging the works to devising a programme of events and advertising. Read more


Les Arcades
52-54, boulevard Gallieni
92 130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
From Monday to Friday, 9.30-12.30am and 1.30-5.30pm