Deux mille quinze – Mark Geffriaud

The film installation at the heart of the exhibition conceived by Mark Geffriaud for le plateau explores our relationship to time. The film consists of footage of two different locations, namely, the construction site of the largest telescope in the world in the Atacama Desert, Chile, and the shores of Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia, where large building stones were abandoned more than a thousand years ago.

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Michel François, Speaker’s Corner 1, 2006, Collection du frac île-de-france,
© Adagp, Paris

Nineteen thousand posters.1994-2016 – Michel François

Since 1994, each new exhibition of Michel François’s work has been the occasion for the production of a large poster (120×180 cm) taken from one of his photographs. Printed in large runs, these posters, which are usually just simply piled in a stack on the exhibition space floor, are offered to the public. The frac île-de-france is showing a project based exclusively on this series, which it has recently acquired.

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Animal on est mal

The Frac Île-de-France and the Communauté d’agglomération de Marne et Gondoire host the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature at the Château de Rentilly, as well as in the Trophy Room, inviting the artist Richard Fauguet to curate the exhibition based on the Museum collections.

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Dominique Ghesquière in residency at the Parc culturel de Rentilly

Dominique Ghesquière is the new artist-in-residency at the Parc culturel in Rentilly. Her project was selected unanimously by a jury comprising representatives of the Parc culturel and the frac île-de-france, and will be implemented between January and June 2016. It will include a solo exhibition in the Trophy Room of the Parc culturel in March and a presentation of the artist’s on-site production at the end of the residency.

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Romain Bernini, John Frum, 2013, collection du frac île-de-france, Paris © Romain Bernini, courtesy Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève, Paris

John Frum

A group of people being housed at the Centre was set up in order to plan an exhibition, John Frum, from a selection of works featuring in the thematic programme “Jeux de Langage”, initiated by the Frac Île-de France public service department.

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