Le Plateau

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Adélaïde Feriot

Eternelle jeunesse / Insulaire / Insulaire / Collerette / Insulaire / L’étang / Sans bruit, parfois avec fracas / Le belvédère / L’hésitation / L’observatrice

Opening Tuesday 12 May, from 6pm to 9pm


Temporality is a main topic in Adélaïde Feriot’s works. In particular, with Tableaux vivant, where real images that appear in a specific moment and then disapear.
The artist presents in the Window display a set of objects made with paraffin, wood or fabrics … all came from her living pictures. Enigmatic, they are as archived afterwards, waiting to be fix up.


* Installation echoes to the recent workshops led by the artist and the Antenne culturelle. As part of the Aménagement des Rythmes Educatifs (ARE), 16 children from elementary school Alouettes have designed pictures from a story by Guy de Maupassant (January-April 2015).