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Antoine Proux, A FOND LA FORME..., 2022 © Antoine Proux

Antoine Proux

Antoine Proux



Opening Wednesday 04.06 – 07:00 – 09:00 pm

(at the same time as the Plateau-apéro) at l’Antenne culturelle

Each month, the antenne’s showcase (the cultural and educational space of the plateau) hosts a new artistic project designed in connection with the plateau’s exhibitions, the collection of the frac île-de-france and its educational activities.

“The subject moves away from the verb… and the direct complement comes to rest somewhere in the void.” Samuel Beckett

“One day I’ll find the right words, and they’ll be simple.” Jack Kerouac

Antoine Proux (born 1984) lives and works in Toulon and Paris. A graduate of the Fine Arts of Tours, he designs sculptural works and prospective devices that create systems of correspondence between object, action and writing.

In linguistics, the signified means the mental representation of the concept associated with the sign, while the signifying means the mental representation of the form and the material aspect of the sign. Based on this tautological value, the artist transposes or confronts principles of literary construction with plastic forms, creating open and discursive narrative spaces.

Using sports-related vocabulary, minimal art codes and theatrical language, the installation “A FOND LA FORME…” combines, not without humour, protean practices: sculpture, staging and writing.

Acting as a stimulus, the famous slogan «A FOND LA FORME», the starting point of the installation, becomes the recurring motif of the text, the sheath that allows the development of an organic writing without a finish line. From the ceiling to the floor, the text functions as a cascade, a drop of words with a continuous flow reminiscent of spoken language.

The text is a series of didascalies giving indications on space and time, on the action, as well as on the identity of a thinking and speaking form, not gendered, named L, which is embodied in the gymnastic carpet


Forms, objects and text are understood here both as processes and results. In a round-trip movement between the text and the object, the audience animates the gymnastics mat by giving it a silent voice.

As the text flows, the “pronoun” L evaporates, leaving us free to choose the scenario. It is possible to continue to conjugate verbs to the indicative but they can also be used to the imperative, commanding to think, to speak (…), to play a role…