Le Plateau

Handheld mirror © Jakov Munizaba

Ben Russell
La Montagne Invisible / The Invisible Mountain

Grand Opening on Wenesday 22th January, 
from 6pm to 9pm


Exhibition curator: Xavier Franceschi


The frac île-de-france presents the first exhibition in France dedicated to the American artist Ben Russell. Through his work, Ben Russell is interested in the myths and rituals of societies. He considers his films, where Jean Rouch’s influences are perceptible, as experimental ethnographies.

La Montagne invisible is project in multiple, both a feature film with a documentary dimension and a sound and video installation. Through the film, we will follow the peregrinations of a group of touring musicians and a secular pilgrim as they cross Eastern Europe from Finland to Greece in search of a mountain that does not exist, the titular mountain of René Daumal’s famous work Le Mont analogue.