Les Réserves

Children Power
An exhibition by children

To mark the opening of its new reserve collections in Romainville, in 2021, the Frac Île-de-France proposes a three-part exhibition project based on the theme of childhood called Children Power. It will take place in three venues, Le Plateau in Paris, the Château de Rentilly and at Les Réserves in Romainville. This project highlights the central role that young audiences play regarding artistic activities Implemented by the Frac.

At  Les Réserves : 
A selection of works from the collection by children and an inaugural programme of events


→   A selection of works from the collection by the children:

With works from Alex Ayed, John Baldessari, Jean-Luc Blanc, Bruno Botella, Stéphane Calais, Bady Dalloul, Jean Daviot, Florence Doléac, Richard Fauguet, Candida Höfer, Kapwani Kiwanga, Marie Lund, Jürgen Nefzger, Bill Owens, Florence Paradeis, Daniel Schlier, Dana Wyse …


With a view to the official opening of Les Réserves du Frac in Romainville –  part of which will be open to the public to regularly present works – the Frac Île-de-France Invites children to select works of art from the collection to be exhibited in the first hang that will mark the opening of the building.

A Year 5 class from a primary school and a first-year class from a secondary school in Romainville will curate this first presentation of works in the areas of Les Réserves open to the public. Both classes are working with the Frac public service team who will help them to select works – focussing on the theme of portrait – and to consider how the pieces relate to each other.


→   Activation of exhibition units in the collection

The Frac Île-de-France has several exhibition devices in its collection designed by artists and enabling other works to be presented and any type of space to be taken over.

These units have been acquired particularly to facilitate presenting works in places not reserved for contemporary work. This collection, unique within a public collection, will be presented for the first time in the empty spaces of the future reserve collection and activated with works in relation to the theme of childhood.

These devices will be activated by children, as part of the work implemented with the Frac public service team: La Vidéothèque Mobile de Fabrice Gygi (1998), Extra Muros de Didier Trénet (2007), Project 4 Brane de Laurent Grasso (2007).


   Musical performances based on works from the collection

Musical works and scores from the collection will be activated by groups of children and adolescents from 7 conservatoires from the Est-ensemble area: Pantin, Bondy, Montreuil, Bagnolet, Noisy-Le-Sec, Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, Romainville:
Cocktail Designers, le Kiosque Électronique (2004) ; Pierre Huyghe, Silence Score (1997) ; Anri Sala, A Spurious Emission (2007) ; Société Réaliste, Single Party Anthem (2013) ; Thu Van Tran, Arirang Partition (2009).