Le Plateau

Memory of water – Dominique Ghesquière

Aiguilles de pin © Dominique Ghesquière
Dominique Ghesquière, Aiguilles de pin, 2016, © Dominique Ghesquière


Opening on Wednesday 7 December, 7-9 pm


Dominique Ghesquière’s sensitive sculptures evoke organic forms. They refer to the ancestral dimension of nature and its phenomena, in particular the life on the planet surface but also underground. Made by elements and by materials from exactly recomposed soils, the works develop following a path which refers to memory functions, by stratification and by cycle.

For the window display, the artist creates a landscape which brings together the transparency of a grove of trees with an empty space at its centre and the fluidity of a wave of pine needles.

The exhibition follows on the residency made by Dominique Ghesquière in 2016 in the Parc Culturel de Rentilly, in partnership with the frac île-de-france. The artist is represented by Chez Valentin gallery (Paris).


L’antenne culturelle (located 50m from Le Plateau)
22 cours du 7è art
75019 Paris, France

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures.