Melik Ohanian – From The Voice To The Hand

Monographic exhibition catalogue

Cédric Schönwald, Elie During

Monograph realised for the project of co-existing exhibitions From the Voice To The Hand by Melik Ohanian, displayed over the same period of time in fifteen spaces in Paris and its periphery  (September 17, 2008 – March 2, 2009) :

Abbaye de Maubuisson (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône) ; Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) ; Centre musical goutte d’or (Paris) ; Cinéma l’entrepôt (Paris) ; Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (Paris) ; Collège Rosa Parks (Gentilly) ; Association Face (La Courneuve) ; le plateau (Paris) ; France Culture (Paris) ; Galerie Chantal Crousel (Paris) ; Galerie de multiples (Paris) ; Le Centquatre (Paris) ; MAC/VAL (Vitry-sur-Seine) ; Piscine de Belleville (Paris) ; Yvon Lambert – Librairie (Paris)


Melik Ohanian’s book From the Voice to the Hand – project of co-existing exhibitions  is the unique document grouping the artist’s interventions. This compilation documents this unprecedented experience about exhibition methods on a city’s scale.

From the Voice to the Hand is the composition of an odd geography which invites the visitor to move around an autonomous time-span. Its also an opportunity for the artist to reflect on the nature and structure of each of the « invested » locations, thought as potential or established sites for the re-presentation of art: arts center, museum, gallery, public space, radio, cinema, social initiative, edition, live performance…

From the Voice to the Hand builds itself not in front of the real, but rather in the real. The construction of such arrangement of co-existing exhibitions may seem inacessible at first, but it invites us to its own experience and observation of its effect.


Edition: Archibooks ; Sautereau Éditeur, Paris, 2009
Book – 180p., (ill. colors), 25×20 cm
Diffusion: Geodif-Sodis
Graphic design: Melik Ohanian
ISBN 978-2-918138-082


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