Le Plateau

From the Voice to the Hand, Melik Ohanian

Curator : Caroline Bourgeois

A few months ago, Melik Ohanian received several invitations to show his work over the same period at time and in the same city. He duly began to imagine about a shared reality for these events, and decided to make them all to co-exist.

As a result, many institutions will be involved in this experiment. They include the Frac Ile-de-France/Le Plateau (Paris 19e), Maubuisson Abbey (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, Val d’Oise), and the MAC/VAL (Vitry-sur-Seine, Val-de-Marne), where Melik Ohanian will create new works. New works will also be inaugurated (produced as part of the 1% art budget programme for public buildings), at the Belleville Swimming Pool and at the Rosa Parks College in Gentilly. L’Atelier de Création Radiophonique at France Culture will enable people to experience this exhibition project as a public event. Another branch of the project will be a project developed with an association in the 18th arrondissement at the Centre Musical Fleury-Goutte d’Or-Barbara (Paris 18e) will be included in this scheme, among others. (A complete list of events and programs will be available in the near future).


From the Voice to the Hand is the composition of an unusual geography which invites visitors to move about in an autonomous space-time; an opportunity for the artist to become involved in a train of thought on the nature and structure of each one of the “venues occupied”, like so many settings, established and potential alike, for re-presenting art: art centre, museum, gallery, public place, radio, cinema, social action, publication, stage performance…


From the Voice to the Hand is constructed not in front of reality, but in reality. The construction of co-existing exhibitions, which may seem inaccessible at times, invites us to take a look at its own praxis and effect.