Off-site projects in various formats are possible upon request by contacting the public outreach office.

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Annual membership of the association: 50 euros


Exposition d’oeuvres de la collection en milieu scolaire ©Martin Argyroglo


Collection en chantier (school children and university students)


The frac île-de-france will soon have its own reserve collection site to store its artworks. Before moving the works from the collection to this new reserve collection site located in Romainville – that will open its doors to the public in autumn 2020 –the frac collection department needs to carry out an inventory.

Time for the frac île-de-france to review the collection from 2019 to 2021, the on-site projects are being redesigned within the scope of this key issue of the inventory that currently drives and impacts all of our departments: collection, exhibitions and the public.

The entire off-site programme is coupled with Plateaurama ! Visits and artistic educator sessions at Le Plateau based on at least one of the three annual exhibitions:


Foncteurs d’oubli (curator: Benoit Maire)
From 19th September to 8th December

Exhibition: Ben Russell
From 23rd January

Current programme:
From 14th May 




1 day/1 artwork
Infant and primary schools

Artistic educator sessions/workshops off-site or at the l’antenne culturelle based on works from the collection (1hr 30min):

→ Based on the work of Richard Fauguet, create unusual objects by combining pasted, folded and superimposed images to form characters.

→ Based on the work of Erwin Wurm, create a One Minute Sculpture and design its protocol.

→ Based on the work of Véronique Joumard, produce a drawing in 1 minute, then again in 10 minutes.


Schools, secondary schools

Three artists propose workshops spanning two sessions, structured around three areas: restoration, inventory and collection, either off-site at the educational establishment or at the l’antenne culturelle.

→ The workshops can be adapted to various educational levels.

→ The class is accompanied by a member of the public outreach office who hosts the sessions (2 x 1hr 30min sessions).
Artists invited: Flora Moscovici (workshop on restoration), Marie Quéau (workshop on inventories), Anthony Bodin (workshop on the theme of collection)


Flash Collection
Secondary schools

The peripatetic exhibition Flash Collection proposes a fun way to learn about contemporary creation inspired by works from our collection.

→ 5 x 1hr sessions per day/per establishment

Offer details: here


Off-site exhibitions
Secondary schools, universities

3 off-site exhibition formats inspired by works from our collection.

→ Choose from: Body Talk, the body in the collection/100% posters, the question of question multiples/Video as a medium, moving image.




Annual membership of the association: 50 euros


Offre duo Plateaurama  !
1 séance dans vos murs + 1 visite au plateau
1 séance dans vos murs 

1 jour/1 œuvre

Adhérent 50 €

Non adhérent 70 €

Adhérent 70 €

Non adhérent 90 €


Adhérent 80 €

Non adhérent 100 €

Adhérent 100 €

Non adhérent 120 €

Flash Collection



+ 30€ visite au plateau ou gratuit pour visite au château

(pour les lycées IDF mise à disposition  de bus gratuit)

Expositions dans vos murs


200 € / jour de montage ou démontage  220 € / jour de montage ou démontage 


Coll/porteur (medical and social spheres)


Keen to be able to initiate forms of dialogue with a public distanced from contemporary art, the frac île de-france develops tailored public outreach measures for medical and social spheres inspired by works and artists from our collection.

Our 2019-2020 partners are the AP-HP – Hôpitaux Universitaires de Paris, EMMAÜS Solidarité and EHPAD Korian (Retirement homes) in the 20th district.




→ Art education based on a selection of works (1hr 30min).

Possibility to extend with art session workshops (examples of themes: still life, family photos, perception of time, etc.)

→ Art education inspired by works from our collection in the form of individual sessions at bedsides on the theme of time or language

→ Talks by artists. Tailored as requested.

→ Raising awareness of contemporary art for teams at Frac. Tailored as requested.

→ ‘Meet an artist’
Selection of films by artists from the collection that can be watched on tablets or on screens in communal rooms.

→ Presentation of projects to families




Adhésion obligatoire 50 €
1 séance  30€