Le Plateau

Elodie Lesourd, And I Knew the Silence of the World (détail), 2014, courtesy de M. Benson © Elodie Lesourd

Elodie Lesourd, Épiphyte

Opening – Thursday 17 April starting at 6pm

Elodie Lesourd’s work questions both art and music. Although of a piece, her work can be divided in two: firstly, a neo-conceptualism which tends toward abstraction; and secondly, a “hyperrockalisme” which is more immediate and seductive at first blush. Both, however, hide that which they reveal. While the expressions are different, the underlying dimensions are identical. The artist has envisioned an evolvable display: during the Easter holiday art courses for children, the artist will have them work on the window display, thus providing an extension of her work.


At L’antenne culturelle
Around the corner from Le Plateau
22 cours du 7ième art
75019 Paris