Le Plateau

© Elvire Bonduelle

Elvire Bonduelle

The Window Display is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

Closed on the 14th July 2023.


“I started painting late, after having said for a long time that I did everything but painting. Perhaps to ward off the impostor syndrome, I considered my paintings as objects, as pictures, from the start, and decided that they would be reversible: you could look at them in any direction. Having started this adventure on the West Coast of the United States, I called them and still call them “Rotating Paintings”.

Hanging in the window of the Frac and turned a quarter of a turn each day, the canvas plays with the floating attention of passers-by.

A few works surround it in a familiar setting: a lamp, a pedestal table, and on the floor on the carpet, a game of card-turning made of images of houses, cars and dogs whose scattered pairs must be found. It’s as if children had just played there.

Elvire Bonduelle



l’antenne culturelle, paris

22 cours du 7ème art

75019 Paris





07.06.23, 7-9pm