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Patrice L’Écuyer dans « Les détecteurs de mensonges » 1990-2021, Radio Canada (détail). Photo : Jean-Pierre Karsenty

Eva Barto
11 Months

Opening Wenesday, May 18th from 6 pm to 9 pm

From 19th May to 24th July 2022, the Frac Île-de-France presents 11 Months, Eva Barto’s first solo exhibition in a Parisian institution.11 Months is a continuation of her research into the notions of assistance, financial support, and their ambiguities.

A changeover will take place from 25th July to 2nd October, in the exhibition Sharp Smile*, which will be held at the MACRO in Rome.

The exhibition is constructed using incisive doublespeak that is constantly being turned around. It manifests itself in the manipulation, interpretation and deviation of laws and rules that protect and spare both those who make them and those who circumvent them.

11 Months exaggerates the opportunistic method in place in these strategies, conveying it through borrowed testimonies, cumulating official and unofficial, real, erroneous, or contradictory versions1. The shift from one discourse to another, as well as the treatment of the exhibition space to neutralise it, establishes a regime of suspicion and leads us to consider the context as a whole, to measure what is said and what is not said, allowing the corruptive dynamic to spread and spare nothing.

As a result, the exhibition is simultaneously a witness, an accomplice and a hostage to the mechanisms at work. It sets up a whole apparatus of revelations, omissions and protection of information, obliged to provide some of its data only beyond the scope of its framework and temporality, where the elements of its complementarity* can then unfold.

Eva Barto discusses the power relations governing property codes, notably through the study of hegemonic discourses, mechanisms of corruption and the impasses of the law. Her work has been presented in several solo exhibitions, at the BF15 in Lyon (2014), at the gb agency gallery, at the Villa Arson (2016), at the Kunstverein Nuremberg, at the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2021), and soon at the MACRO in Rome (2022). She has also exhibited at the Marcelle Alix Gallery (2015), the Rennes Biennial and the Kadist Foundation (2016), the Pernod Ricard Corporate Foundation (2017, 2019), the Wattis Art Center (2017), the Max Mayer Gallery (2018, 2021), the Secession Museum (2018), the Anafi Biennial (2018), and the Grand Café (2020). Winner of the Étant Donné grant in collaboration with the SculptureCenter New York, she will continue her research on legal vacuums in September 2022. In 2016, she created the editorial project Buttonwood Press. She is co-founder of the art worker’s rights collective La Buse and co-hosts the show ForTune on * Duuu Radio. Since 2019, she has taught at the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

“Considering that the property stolen by their President to live in splendour had to come back to the people, the demonstrators did not ransack or loot the premises, but wished to open them to the visit as a museum of corruption.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tripadvisor -Museum of Corruption

It’s quite enjoyable, now we’re outlawed, and now we’re not… only one comma has been changed. M/C.R

1 Mithridate methods, videos, 1/3, 2/3, the title refers to the King, who feared being poisoned, administered a minute dose of poison daily so that his body could acclimatize to it.




Launching of Delay,  Philippe Decrauzat’s monograph

Wednesday 05.25 – 6-8 pm

graphic design : Inge Ketelers / Editions Koenig Books



Wednesday 06.01 – 7-9 pm


Artist/curator visit

Sunday 06.12 – 5 pm

with Eva Barto and Xavier Franceschi



Wednesday 07.06 – 7-9 pm

An event proposed by Eva Barto and YQ

Visit of the exhibition11 Months followed by a meeting with Yann Queinnec, “Legal expert in  impact research”.