Le Plateau


The exhibition of Natacha Nisic

The work of Natacha Nisic rests on the cutting edge of contemporary art and cinema (which she studied in Berlin).  She offers up a displaced vision of movement and images where reality is deprived of its usual narrative references and allowed to reveal itself even more clearly.Natacha Nisic lived in Berlin after the fall of the Wall, at a time when the last traces of East Germany were being slowly wiped-out by the reconstruction of some of the city’s most well known historical spots (e.g. Postdamer-platz).  During this period, Natacha Nisic began to harbor a certain ‘deception’ towards what she characterises as ‘new places of possibility’ or ‘new fragments of the city or of invention’.She continued this research of the ‘new city/life’ during a brief trip to Japan where, at Fukuoka, she realised that a giant green neon sign at the top of a skyscraper which read ‘VIVRE’(‘LIVE’) was in fact the trademark for a chain of supermarkets: you can buy anything in order to LIVE.For her first solo-exhibition in France, Natacha Nisic plans to reconstruct the space at Le Plateau like a ‘home’, to create an atmosphere in which the visitors can take hold of the works around them and look at the everyday world in a new light. By feeding off the reality which surrounds it, her work offers up a ‘reframing of the real’.Natacha Nisic sees her presence at Le Plateau as ‘an attempt to define a time, a context, in such a way that it will be no longer possible to look passively at the world around us’.

– Curator : Eric Corne