Le Plateau

Zin Taylor, The Flute of Sub , 2007, Collection frac île-de-france © Zin Taylor


With works by Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, Joseph Grigely, Camille Henrot, Haroon Mirza, Damir Očko, Pierre Paulin, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Benjamin Seror, Zin Taylor, Thu Van Tran

Curator : Xavier Franceschi


As the first part of a triptych of exhibitions* based on the frac île-de-france collection, Interprète. brings together a selection of recently acquired works, sharing in common the idea of performance.

Whether demonstrating the double reading of one and the same Korean song (Thu Van Tran), presenting silent images from the pages of the New York Times of different performers in action (Joseph Grigely), directing the Ikebana practice towards the expression of a literary quotation (Camille Henrot), or converting an age-old Scottish site into a veritable musical instrument (Zin Taylor), it is ultimately a question of play, remake and transposition.

The other aspect uniting many of these works lies in the quintessential connection they have with music. From the musical score to the conceptual procedure (and vice versa), there is but just one step: the artists easily cross the line to offer us pieces to be experienced and re-experienced. In this spirit, Interprète. will propose a series of interventions and performances in counterpoint to the show, thus forming the basis of an orchestration in the making.


* Interprète. , le plateau, Paris, 28 march – 11 may 2014 ; Explore.,  le château, Rentilly, 22 november 2014 – 7 december 2014 ; Célèbre. Mamco, Genève, Winter 2014/2015




Performances by Benjamin Seror and Zin Taylor

> Benjamin Seror, Le principe Totochabo – application

Le principe Totochabo is a tool for altering reality with words. The title of the work is a reference to a character from René Daumal’s La grande beuverie, Totochabo, for whom language has conferred a sublime power: trees, birds and lumberjacks appear out of thin air as he tells his story. Seror’s performance, Le principe Totochabo – activation, will present several practical aspects of this tool and the concrete improvements it could bring to our daily lives.

> Zin Taylor, The Flute of Sub

The Flute of Sub tells the story of a mysterious network of tunnels in Scotland. After trying to imagine what the function of this subterranean network might be, Zin Taylor has designed a flute based on the precise data gathered from the site. For the artist, the flute is a living organism. For the performance, Zin Taylor will activate the piece by recounting the history of this mysterious site and then playing the flute.


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