Le Plateau

Joséphine Topolanski, "Unidentified Visitor", 2024 / Villa Belleville © D.R.

Joséphine Topolanski
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Joséphine Topolanski directs her practice towards different media (weaving, textiles, ready-made objects, fake and real photographic archives, newspaper articles).

Her work is rooted in testimonies or state investigations about unexplained space phenomena, and international conferences on the existence of UFOs, extraterrestrial life and black holes. They question belief systems and their relationship to truth in an obsessive quest for a vast iconographic vocabulary with a spectral dimension, organised around stellar, sacred or popular visions. The ceremonial finery she uses (chasubles, capes, banners, cosmic tapestries) inscribe their recognisable symbols in a collective body and create rites surrounding these inexplicable events.

Unidentified objects taken from the design of our everyday lives, combined with images of UFO or supernatural events, cast doubt on our adherence to any form of certitude.


Joséphine Topolanski graduated from the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs de Paris in 2021.


Exhibition curator: Maëlle Dault

In collaboration with Villa Belleville







Wednesday 05.06.24, 6pm


Artist-curator visit

Wednesday 26.06.24, 7pm

with Joséphine Topolanski and Maëlle Dault