Le Plateau

Au premier plan : Saâdane Afif, Skull table, 2001, collection du frac île-de-france, Paris. Photo : Julien Perez © Saâdane Afif

Julien Perez

First episode : Julien Perez
23.06.16 – 7.30pm

Un album de collection
Sans soucis, introduction

Musician Julien Perez, aka PEREZ, has initiated a project to produce a pop album involving 11 works selected from the frac Île-de-france collection.
His performance on 23rd June at Le Plateau, combining video installation, live music and telepathy – with the participation of Helena de Laurens –  is the first part of the project “Un album de collection.”

L’Homme aux cent yeux (revue)

Last october, frac île-de-france launched a new event: L’Homme aux cent yeux.

This new review (revue) – in a nod to its glorious ancestors of the 30s and to the spirit of the Music Hall – proposes an annual programme of live interventions, open to all kinds of artistic creation (acoustic, filmic, choreographic, etc.), by artists invited to occupy the exhibition spaces in two phases. The first will consist in evening events during the ongoing exhibitions, with a performative play specially created by an artist for each occasion. The second will take place once during the year, in between exhibitions, when the spaces are empty and awaiting the next installation. For this event – the acme of the review (revue) – all the invited artists will gather and propose a follow-up to their first intervention. These two forms of intervention will enable the invited artists to experiment with new pieces in different contexts and in direct relationship with the public.

* L’Homme aux cent yeux (revue) is a reference to Argus, the all-seeing giant in Greek mythology with a tragic  – and beautiful – destiny.