Le Plateau

Peinture porte-clefs par Delphine Liard, Revolution is not a pique-nique, frac île-de-france, le plateau, Paris, 2011. Photo : Martin Argyroglo

Launching of Revolution is not a pique-nique and of Datumo !

From 7 to 9pm, at l’antenne culturelle*

Revolution is not a pique-nique

This publication documents the Paris leg of the project initiated by Denicolai & Provoost, which was organised between 2011 and 2014 in cooperation with APDV centre d’art as part of the programme of cultural events of the frac île-de-france. Following an invitation in Ardèche in 2007, Denicolai & Provoost conceived Revolution is not a pique-nique, a temporary and conceptual project around issues of ownership and use of the natural landscape. By migrating their project to Paris, they extended the history of this work developing the concept of “temporary ownership” into the urban realm.

Edition : frac île-de-france, Paris (France)
Coordination and texts : Gilles Baume
Graphic design : Denicolai & Provoost
ISBN : 978-2-918138-12-9
8 euros


Datumo !

This publication documents Datumo !, a project by the artist Julien Prévieux which took place in Paris in 2013 with a working group as part of the programme of public event of the frac île-de-france. Through his research into statactivism, the artist questions the predominant role of quantified data in daily life, with the aim of undermining their original function and finding new usages for them. The drawings reproduced in this book reflect the gazes of the participants watching the artworks in Paint in black, a survey exhibition held at le plateau. After the end of the exhibition, the drawings were executed in wool thread and exhibited in the galleries in lieu of the works they documented.

Edition : frac île-de-france, Paris (France)
Coordination of the project, of the edition and redaction of the texts : Gilles Baume
Graphic design : Loran Stosskopf (Mucho), assisted by Camille Bardes
ISBN : 978-2-918138-11-2
6 euros


*L’antenne culturelle (the Education department)
22 cours du 7è art (50m from le plateau)
75019 Paris, France


On that night, we also celebrate …

Opening of the Window display by Julien Prévieux
For the occasion, Julien Prévieux realises the  Window display and gives it the same title : Datumo !

and at le plateau …

VOL. XVI – Haris Epaminonda
late opening until 9pm !